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That means a thief could completely drain your bank account and get away with stealing your entire balance, plus you’ll probably have bank overdraft fees.

Buying anything online using a debit card makes you vulnerable to a cyber criminal who could steal your card number and drain your bank account linked to the card — unless you watch your transactions like a hawk and would catch fraud immediately.

In that case, you’re not even responsible for — you’re completely off the hook!

If just your debit card number is stolen while you still have the card in your possession, you have a little more protection.

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Visa credit cards offer extended warranties on many card purchases.

2% back on dining and groceries, and 1% back on everything else.

Retailers need to partner with a bank in order to issue a credit card so in this case this is a co-branded card between Citi and Best Buy.

And that’s pretty much anywhere that takes plastic.

You’ll earn the most rewards at Best Buy, though: 5% back vs.