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Location: Alaska, USA Name: Steven I'm definitely a classic romantic. I got bought by some lady in London, but she didn't like me, so I'm back.

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It's also like earth signs to be matter-of-fact about love, and not take it too personally if you're not in sync.

It's best to keep things light and casual at first.

He is not much for the social life or the luxuries rather he is a simple man with simple needs.

He is reserved with his feelings and chooses to keep them from the rest of the world.

As Capricorn is earth and Aquarius is air, they make a rather uncommon combination with little to share in their habits and attitude.

The Capricorn is always very responsible in nature while the Aquarius sounds indecisive and undependable frequently.

He is a traditional lover who can over look the negative qualities of his lady.

An Aquarius woman is often detached from the rest of the world.

Leo woman is strong, extremely independent and out going woman. I'm on this site to understand two things 1) what happened, and 2)what to do. im a capricorn female and unfortunately i too behave this way sometimes. possibly, he felt that he was doing way too much chasing and made himself appear to be 'too available'. He asked me beforehand if I was opposed to getting married again, if I understood that he's looking to start something with me..asked me if I trust him.On the other hand, Capricorn possesses a steadier and practical view towards relationships which is full of realistic behavior.Capricorn man is very quiet, subdued person who is very dedicated towards his ambitions and frugal with his money.: D id have to say its not necessarily normal but i do know most capricorn men LOVE the chase and even though he was the one dong the pushing, he just doesnt want it now that he's got it..