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It's because of this urban legend that has gone around forever.
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But never mind discussing toyboys or TV shows, one of the most fascinating things I quickly learn about Elizabeth is that she hasn’t taken a train since around 1985.

It is easy to see why Elizabeth was first choice to play Helena, the fictitious Queen of England: she is probably more regal than many real-life royals.

Seeing as 99% of ONTD hates her, I thought everyone would get a good laugh from this.

So after viewing the first few episodes of the new series My Life as Liz on MTV, I really need to put something on paper (or in this case online) about how inaccurate and incorrect “Liz” is about Burleson, TX and nearly everything else she talks about in her various ramblings during the program.

When The Royals first aired last year there was much talk about it being based on the real Royal Family, but by the end of the first season Queen Helena’s husband King Simon has been stabbed to death, her first-born son is also dead, she has had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend and her brother-in-law has orchestrated a hit on her lover.With the rise in fame, his fans are curious to know the facts of Eric’s life, especially about his probable wife.But does the 41 years actor has a married life to flaunt?First and foremost, Liz was never an outcast in school and even after she joined what she now calls her “nerd herd” she retained her status as one of the cool kids.No one ever harassed her or mocked her the way she claims in the show, and in many ways she was snobbier than the status quo in high school (we shall return to this idea later).The whole time she knew how to play her cards correctly and in many ways was simply bored of the “dumb blonde” thing.